Top 5 Best Olive Oil for Baby Massage in India

Olive oil also know as Zaitun oil (Jaitun oil) in India, is one of the popular cooking oils. Olives are pressed to extract the olive oil. This oil has several health benefits when consumed internally or applied externally over the skin. But does olive oil make it the best choice when it comes to baby’s … Read more

Best Baby Care Products in India

Best Baby Products

Being a new parent and taking care of your little one is a wonderful experience yet on the other hand it’s tough, confusing and costly too. Often, new parents are confused about what baby products needs to buy, which brands is better than others, what is recommended by doctors and which baby care product is … Read more

(Badam) Almond Oil for Baby – Safe or Not?

Bestalmond oil in bottle surrounded by almonds

Massaging the delicate skin of baby with oil is a perfect way to bond on daily basis with your baby. Not only it helps to bond with baby, but also it adds several health benefits to nourish the babies skin and help baby feel nurtured. Indian mothers prefers several types of oil for baby massage, … Read more

Explained: Benefits of Buttermilk in Pregnancy

Pregnant Woman Holding a Glass of Buttermilk

Buttermilk and ghee is the widely consumed dairy product in India since ancient time that date backs to 3000 BC, during the Lord Krishna’s time. No doubt that many woman like to drink this delicious beverage on daily basis even during the pregnancy. But is it safe to drink buttermilk in pregnancy? Buttermilk which is … Read more

Coconut oil for baby massage – Is It OK to Use?

Coconut oil jar between the two coconuts

Coconut oil – an edible oil extracted from the kernel of coconut has history as old as 4000 years. Even ancient literature of Ayurveda has documented several uses of coconut oil for its healing properties. Today, coconut oil is termed as super food and is well known for its health benefits towards the skin & … Read more

How to Hear Baby’s Heartbeat at Home?

Pregnant Woman Holding Heart near Belly

Pregnancy, a journey of joy that bundles with several challenges. Listening to a baby’s heartbeat during the pregnancy is the best moment to cherish that provides joy and the sense beginning of parental care. Usually, parents can listen to the baby’s heartbeat when they visit the prenatal center but often we wonder ‘when & how … Read more

Mustard Oil for Baby Massage – Is it Good?

Popularly known as “Sarson ka tel”, mustard oil is one of the commonly used cooking oil in India. Mostly popular in North India, Kolkatta and parts of Gujarat, Orissa and Assam, mustard oil add a distinct aroma to the food. In India, mustard seeds are commonly used in kitchen as spice and condiment. The seeds are … Read more

Sabudana Increase Breast Milk – True or False?

Sabudana and its pudding

Sabudana – that little white pearl is a famous staple food in India. Primarily known as SAGO, it is also called as Tapioca. These white pearl like staple food, often consumed during the fast. Almost all dishes that made during the fast are incomplete without sabudana. One might think that it has great nutritional value … Read more