(Badam) Almond Oil for Baby – Safe or Not?

Massaging the delicate skin of baby with oil is a perfect way to bond on daily basis with your baby.

Not only it helps to bond with baby, but also it adds several health benefits to nourish the babies skin and help baby feel nurtured.

Indian mothers prefers several types of oil for baby massage, mostly due to they tend to use what their elder family members advise them to use.

Usually, olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil is preferred and the choice oil also depends upon the easy availability and cost.

In this article, we will see how almond oil can beneficial for baby massage and which are the best almond oil brands to use for baby massage in India.

5 Best Almond Oil Brands in India

Almond Oil Brands User Rating Best Buy Link
1. Hamdard Badam Oil 4.5/5 Check Price
2. Dabur Badam Oil 4.5/5 Check Price
3. Mamaearth Almond Oil 4.3/5 Check Price
4. UrbanBotanics Almond Oil 4.4/5 Check Price
5. Morpheme Remedies Oil 4.4/5 Check Price

Why almond oil?

With its nutty and satisfying taste, almonds can make great snacks option. It can brings several health benefits when consumed on daily basis.

Its not only that almonds are healthy when consumed internally. Outside of body, almond oil exhibits the anti-inflammatory and emollient properties.

Since ancient time, the oil derived from these nuts are used for skin care and various other purposes.

Also, as it is a plant based natural oil and is advocated for baby massage by experts, especially if baby has dry skin. [01]

As a rich source of Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Omega-3 fatty acids, almond oils can provide the great benefits to babies skin. It work by promoting skin cell production, reduces skin cell damage by safeguarding the skin against aging & improving skin complexion and tone. [02]

What is almond oil?

Almond oil is a plant based oil that derived from the nuts of Prunus dulcis tree, which also know as an almond tree.

Almonds are rich in fats and various other nutrition. They are hulled, sun dried and then used to extract oil.

Almond oil is extracted primarily using two methods. First is using chemicals & high-heat which extract refined oil while in other method raw almonds are pressed to extract oil which is termed as unrefined oil.

Unrefined oil extraction process help almond oil to retain all nutritional goodness and can make a better choice for massage of baby. But it is expensive than the refined oil.

Almond oil can also be used for culinary purposes.

Benefits of almond oil for baby skin

By now, it is clear that almond oil is a treasure trove of nutrients for skin. Which is a primary reason it is widely used in skin and beauty products.

Soothing – Almond oil is a soothing & mild oil that goes well for delicate skin of baby.

Act as Moisturizer – It is primarily due to its emollient properties that act as moisturizer, prevent water loss and keep the skin hydrated and soft. [02]

Prevent skin damage – The abundance of vitamin E help skin to fight aging and slow down damage.

Help baby sleep better – Though almond oil directly doesn’t help to put baby to sleep, relaxing massage with this oil may help baby to relax and induce the sleep.

Doesn’t stink – Almond oil has the pleasant scent so it will smell better even after massaging with the oil.

Overall, almond oil is a great choice for parents that looking for a best plant based natural massage oil for their baby.

Top 5 Best Almond Oil for Baby Massage in India

1 Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil

Chemical free oil best for skin, hair & culinary purposes.

Hamdard is one of the well-know laboratory in India that put forward several useful products.

This oil is derived from the sweet almonds available in market and is nutrition packed oil, free from chemicals. It aids skin and hair health and can make a good oil for massage of baby.

It is a sticky oil that packed in transparent glass bottle but has wide mouth so you need to be careful while pouring it out, otherwise spillage may occur.

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2 Dabur Badam Tail

Can be used internally & externally, make a perfect moisturizer, skin & hair care oil.

Dabur is well know for its production of Dabur Lal oil which is widely used for massage of baby. The brand is time tested and trusted for decades in India.

This oil is derived from ripe kernels of Prunus Amygadalus and is 100% pure almond oil that can be used internally and externally.

Though company directly doesn’t claim so, it can make a good choice for baby massage. It can also be use as moisturizer for skin and directly over the chapped lips.

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3 Mamaearth Baby Hair Oil with Almond & Avocado

Clinically tested combination of 5 natural oils, hypo-allergic & free from chemicals.

Not a pure almond oil but it comes as combination of coconut, avocado and almond oil for better benefits.

If you are looking for clinically tested massage oil then this can solve your problem as it is a hypo-allergic oil tested in Europe.

It is a fragrance free oil and comes with all goodness of various natural oils like coconut, avocado, jojoba and almonds. It is a good choice for face, neck and hair massage.

Devoid of harsh chemicals, this oil can make a good choice for delicate skin of baby especially for those who have sensitive skin.

It promotes natural hair growth and enhance the hair and skin nourishment while working as moisturizer too.

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4 UrbanBotanics® Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

Cold-pressed natural oil, Suitable for type of skin & help restore pH of skin

This is 100% pure, cold-pressed oil is free from any additive chemicals and apart from its health benefits, it can also be used in aromatherapy.

It can work as moisturizer, enhance hair and skin health by providing the nourishment and restoring the skin pH level.

Can be used for massaging baby’s skin for soothing experience. Usually, it is suitable for all types of skin and get absorbed easily.

It comes in plastic bottle which is sturdy enough to use while travelling.

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5 Morpheme Remedies Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil

Mild, hypoallergenic, chemical free, & cold-pressed oil. Good for baby skin.

One more cold-pressed oil on our list which is free from paraben, sulfate and other harmful chemicals. Though it can’t be used internally, it can make a good choice for massaging baby’s skin.

It is unrefined oil and surprisingly does not have any smell, which is a good thing for users. It is suitable for dry skin and natural hair growth.

It comes packaged in a delivery pump bottle which has open and stop action to prevent spillage of almond oil.

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How should I massage my baby with almond oil?

1. Once you keep all the things ready to begin the massage for baby, take a small amount of almond oil in hand & rub between the palms to warm it.

2. Begin the massage from leg and rub the oil gently into the skin.

3. You can gently squeeze the calves, thighs, arms and rub the back. Use your fingers in circular motion while keeping your palms still.

4. Keep the palms flat on baby’s tummy at the center and slowly spread them outward as if you are flattening the pages of notebook. Do the same on back.

5. Gently massage the neck, face and hairs with almond oil. Make sure not to hurry and accidentally contact babies eyes.

Once you finish the massage, allow baby to rest for few minutes so that oil gets absorbed in the skin. Then you can take her/him to the bath.

Also, pay attention to the baby’s cue while massaging so that you know the baby is enjoying the act and is not in discomfort while doing so.

What are the side effects of almond oil?

Almond oil is generally safe to use externally for baby. But, if baby have known allergy to the almond based products, or oil then it should be avoided.

Before you begin the massage for first time, always do a patch test. For that purpose, use a drop of almond oil and apply it over a small area of skin on elbow and leave it for few minutes.

If baby develops any allergic reaction like rashes, itching or redness, do not use the oil for massage and consult pediatrician immediately.

Bottom line

Using almond oil for baby’s massage can be a great way to nourish, moisturize the skin of baby.

Though there are limited studies available that demonstrate the benefits of almond oil on baby’s skin, people are using it empirically for decades with +ve outcome.

Thankfully, this rich source of fats, vitamins, anti-oxidant works well on baby’s skin, preventing it from dryness, damage and enhances moisture.

It is a natural plant based oil that goes gentle on baby’s skin and smells good after application.