Best Baby Care Products in India

Being a new parent and taking care of your little one is a wonderful experience yet on the other hand it’s tough, confusing and costly too.

Often, new parents are confused about what baby products needs to buy, which brands is better than others, what is recommended by doctors and which baby care product is cheaper yet effective to use.

Whether you baby is still in the womb or your are the parents of few weeks old baby, these questions keeps nagging you.

In this article, we will discuss the long list of babies stuff required before you can take your bundle of joy home from the hospital.

Babies are not very materialistic.

Their needs are as simple as them, and they hardly care for anything apart from some basic essentials which are comfortable cloths, milk and a place to sleep.

So let’s start with things related to these only.

Best Baby Products in India to Buy Online

1 New born cloths

Keep it comfortable and simple.

For new born baby, buy only the basics which may include countless soft cotton nappies, few pairs of bodysuits, t-shirts, one-pieces etc.

Number of pairs to buy depends on how many loads of laundry you want to do in a day as new born wants more than 2-3 outfits in a day.

Avoid buying long pants for infants, cause they will easily outgrow them in few days or week and you have to buy them a new pair.

Instead, you can buy a pair of comfortable shorts for baby in his/her early days.

But again, in certain areas of India, you may face mosquitoes and in such area it is better to keep the baby covered with comfortable cloths which will reduce the chances of mosquito bites.

A soft cotton cap limits excess body heat loss and booties that tie at the ankle works best to keep your babies toe warm and covered.

Infant socks don’t stay on and babies’ shoes may look cute but they are of no use until your baby know how to walk so there is no use to waste time and money in these two.

Here is the list of clothes you will be buying for baby

2 Laundry detergent

Once your baby arrives you will be spending lot of your time in washing your baby’s nappies but for that like most parents do, you don’t have to buy that expensive detergent.

All you need is detergent free from harsh chemicals and dermatologically tested. Also, pediatrician can guide you deciding on this.

Beside this, for after wash rinse, you can dip your baby’s nappy and clothes in Dettol water.

You can find several popular brands selling the baby laundry detergents, but all of them are not same.

Opt for the one that goes gentle on clothes, has powerful cleaning capacity and importantly it should kill the harmful germs.

Here are two best baby laundry detergents-

3 Bed protector sheet & changing mat

If this not on your list then you are really missing out an important product to buy for your baby.

Though, it is for baby, it will make your life easy by keep the mattress and baby bed dry and will help to avoid unwanted stains on the bed sheets or mattress.

As these sheets are waterproof it protects baby’s bed from getting wet and gives your baby a peaceful and sound sleep.

Usually, these bed protectors are thin, waterproof, machine washable and cheap. So, there is no way you will avoid buying them.

4 Breast pump

In initial days of your parenting journey, it may be confusing to understand whether you need a breast pump or not.

But for a new mother, breast pump can become a very useful tool, especially if you are working mother and has leave the home for few hours everyday.

Even, it adds plenty of benefits to the mother who intends to exclusively breastfeed her child.

It gives mom a chance to relax, while dad or other family members feed baby using the expressed milk. Also, expressed milk will help to avoid external feeding of formula milk.

Though these are costly but if the mother is working and wants to breastfeed her baby for longer then instead of feeding the baby with any supplement milk it is worth to invest in breast pump.

Here are the best breast pumps you can buy –

5 Strollers or prams

These are the wheeled devices used to carry kids and comes in many varieties & priced accordingly so it depends on parents what feature they want and how much to spend in this baby gear.

While buying stroller, make sure it should be light weight and easy to fold.

Also, considering whether stroller can recline partially or fully when you buying for the new born as their neck has limited control.

Other things that you need to choose consider are harness & seat, sturdy wheels, suspension, breaks, storage space and folding mechanism.

There are many more baby gears available in the market say rockers, walkers, carry coats, car seats etc. etc. but for all these, we recommend buying only the required ones.

After spending hours on research and considering several aspects and features of different strollers in market, we have settled for LuvLap Sunshine Stroller.

It is indeed the best stroller for babies in India but there few other that compete too. Here are few best prams that you can buy for your baby –

6 Toys

It’s not at all worth to bring varieties of toys for an infant who is busy in his/her own world for first few days.

The main interest of new born baby is to eat and sleep and they practice this round the clock 🙂

But as days progress, they start to interact with the surrounding. Around the 3 month mark we can introduce them with few safe toys.

Few rattle set and a play gym will be good enough up to 8 months and after that we all know babies love to play with household stuff instead of their toys until they age 12-15 months.

Try to choose the toys that are safe for infants but has different shape, texture, colour and sound. This will help baby to discover his senses.

Toys with contrasting colours can attract the attention of babies and useful for stimulating their developing vision. Different shape like sphere, blocks can help baby to develop motor-skills.

You can go for an expensive toys or can buy the cheapest one but make sure they are safe for baby.

Bottom line: Choosing the simple, colorful and safe toys will keep the baby entertained while helping their development.

Here are few toys that worth a buy –

7 Bottle sterilizer & warmer

First of all I will again say try to avoid bottle feed at least up to 6 months but still if you want to use it then you don’t require steriliser for it, you can do the same with boiling water in a pot also, it too works just as well as steriliser.

8 Baby food processor

why one need a special food processor to make baby food? Firstly baby don’t eat up to 6 months and after that when your little baby is off baby food then instead of adding up any extra cost you can give the same food which you are eating to your baby, why to add one more appliance in your kitchen when you can dp the same with your regular blender.