Top 5 Best Olive Oil for Baby Massage in India

Olive oil also know as Zaitun oil (Jaitun oil) in India, is one of the popular cooking oils.

Olives are pressed to extract the olive oil. This oil has several health benefits when consumed internally or applied externally over the skin.

But does olive oil make it the best choice when it comes to baby’s massage?

Its OK to occasionally use olive oil for baby massage if they don’t have dry skin or eczema.

As per the new research, olive oil should be used sparingly for baby’s massage. The research found that it is not the best option to use for baby’s skin especially if the baby has dry, sensitive skin or has eczema. [01, 02]

Being said that, considering the several health benefits that it brings to the skin, you can still use olive oil for baby massage but it has to be used sparingly.

For the daily needs, you can use almond oil for baby massage.

5 Best Olive Oil Brands in India

Why olive oil?

Olive oil is a natural plant based oil which is rich in several nutrient and can help skin to nourish and keep the moisture intact.

It is one of the heart healthy oil primarily used for salad dressing, cooking and for external application in various beauty products.

Apart from the benefits that it adds when consumed orally, this anti-oxidant rich oil brings several benefits to the skin.

It is a well known fact that the vitamins, anti-oxidants, and other useful ingredients can reduce acne, moisturize skin, and prevent oxidative damage of skin. [03]

One study performed in 2016 found that babies massaged with olive oil have better skin moisture than those babies who got dry massage. [04]

Though, olive oil has all the goodness that can help skin, recent studies shows limited benefits of olive oil on babies skin when used on daily basis. In-fact, experts advise to use it sparingly for babies massage, if the baby has dry skin.

What is olive oil?

As the name suggest, olive oil is a natural, plant based oil extracted from olives.

Olive fruits, grows on the tree Olea europaea. Found abundantly in Spain, Italy & South France.

These little, greenish fruits are considered as “super food” due to its rich nutrient ingredients. Primarily popular because of their rich content of monosaturated fats (MUFA), which is a known healthy fat for heart.

Olive oils are available in various types and cost can vary. Some are cheap while some types are super costly.

Because, not all olive oils are created equal.

If you are looking for the best olive oil then opt for the extra virgin oil. It is the best type to buy when it comes to olive oil.

An extra virgin oil is made by the “cold-pressed” method which means the olives are pressed, turned into paste and oil is extracted. Overall process does not involve any heating or chemical additives, which is why the extra-virgin oils are always costlier.

Advantages & disadvantages of olive oil for baby

Its true that olive oil brings several benefits to the skin of adults. But does it work the same way for babies skin? Lets find out.

Advantages of using olive oil for baby’s massage –

1. Moisturize skin – Olive oil can help baby skin to maintain the moisture. Studies found that the baby that gets massage with olive oil or sunflower oil can has better moisturized skin as compared to those who gets dry massage

2. Adds Antioxidants – Olive oil is a rich source of antioxidants and it passes the goodness of these antioxidants to the baby’s skin.

Anti-oxidants like vitamin E, can help to control inflammation and reduces the speed of aging.

Disadvantages of using olive oil for baby’s massage –

1. May breaks outer layer of skin – One study found that when applied on daily basis, olive oil may damage the outer layer of skin (stratum corneum) in adults.

Though the study doesn’t involved babies, it is obvious that babies skin is delicate than the adults. So, it is better not to use olive oil for baby’s massage on daily basis.

2. Can irritate skin – Olive oil is packed with oleic acid which is found to cause irritation and inflammation to the skin. This will worsen the skin condition if the baby has dry skin, eczema or any other atopic skin disease.

As per the, Indian infants are at high risk of developing eczema like skin diseases.

How to use olive oil for baby?

Bundle of Joy does not recommend using the olive oil for baby massage on daily basis. Sparingly, you can use it.

If you baby has dry skin, eczema or allergic skin rash then avoid it altogether.

But it doesn’t matter if you use it internally for the baby above 6 months of age. By the age of 6th month baby starts eating pureed food, you can use extra-virgin olive oil to cook their food.

When you plan to use it for cooking baby’s food, begin with minimal quantity and if baby tolerate it well, increase the quantity.

Top 5 Best Olive Oil for Baby Massage in India

Here are 5 cold pressed & the best olive oil in India that you can use for baby

1 DiSano Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Recommended for salad dressing, low heat cooking but can also be used for massage

Made and packed in Spain, this olive oil comes in plastic bottle. It is extracted using the cold-press techniques to keep the nutritional goodness intact.

Has rich flavour, aroma and distinct pale yellow colour. As it is a cold-pressed oil, it is healthy to have internally using in salad dressing, dips and low heat cooking.

No chemical additives makes it suitable to use for baby massage and can used to cook baby food as well.

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2 Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Superior quality olive oil suitable for cooking & external use

Figaro is one of the best olive oil brand in India which import the olive oil from Spain. It comes packed in plastic bottle.

It is Argemone Oil free and has rich aroma and distinct flavour. Also, it is loaded with vitamin E and other healthy nutrients.

With smoking point at 220° C, it becomes a best choice for deep frying, cooking and salad dressing. It can be used for external application and baby massage.

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3 Borges Extra Virgin Olive Oil

All purpose olive oil with descent taste & aroma.

One more olive oil brand in India that can be used for cooking and cosmetics needs of baby and whole family.

This oil can replace the use of ghee and butter in kitchen while can also be used for skin application. Comes in glass bottle and has shelf like of 24 months. which is fair enough for those who you use it sparingly.

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4 Indus Valley Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Best for Massage)

Chemical free oil, recommended only for massaging

The only oil on this list which is only meant for the massaging purpose. It is a natural, cold pressed olive oil, free from the harsh chemicals.

It work as long lasting moisturizer and help to nurture hair growth. It can be also used as skin toner and to remove the make up.

Its not an olive oil in true sense. This product is a mixture of olive, sunflower, almond, jojoba, wheat germs and grape seed oils.

The only concern is that, though it is named as extra virgin oil, its ingredient list does not specify the details about how much each ingredient is.

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5 Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil primarily used for low-heat cooking can be used for massage.

This light green colored olive oil widely used for low heat cooking and salad dressing. It is free from chemical additives and can be used for massage.

It is extracted by cold pressing the olives which helps to maintain the natural properties of oil and provides better aroma.

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Bottom line

Olive oil is one of the best natural oil when used internally but while using it for babies skin, you need to be cautious & should not be used on daily basis in the babies having dry skin.

When used on daily basis, it can enhance the dryness and irritates the skin in the babies with eczema or having dry skin.

We recommend using it once a week, and if your baby does not have dry skin you can use it more often.