Explained: Benefits of Buttermilk in Pregnancy

Pregnant Woman Holding a Glass of Buttermilk

Buttermilk and ghee is the widely consumed dairy product in India since ancient time that date backs to 3000 BC, during the Lord Krishna’s time. No doubt that many woman like to drink this delicious beverage on daily basis even during the pregnancy. But is it safe to drink buttermilk in pregnancy? Buttermilk which is … Read more

How to Hear Baby’s Heartbeat at Home?

Pregnant Woman Holding Heart near Belly

Pregnancy, a journey of joy that bundles with several challenges. Listening to a baby’s heartbeat during the pregnancy is the best moment to cherish that provides joy and the sense beginning of parental care. Usually, parents can listen to the baby’s heartbeat when they visit the prenatal center but often we wonder ‘when & how … Read more