(Badam) Almond Oil for Baby – Safe or Not?

Bestalmond oil in bottle surrounded by almonds

Massaging the delicate skin of baby with oil is a perfect way to bond on daily basis with your baby. Not only it helps to bond with baby, but also it adds several health benefits to nourish the babies skin and help baby feel nurtured. Indian mothers prefers several types of oil for baby massage, … Read more

Mustard Oil for Baby Massage – Is it Good?

Popularly known as “Sarson ka tel”, mustard oil is one of the commonly used cooking oil in India. Mostly popular in North India, Kolkatta and parts of Gujarat, Orissa and Assam, mustard oil add a distinct aroma to the food. In India, mustard seeds are commonly used in kitchen as spice and condiment. The seeds are … Read more