Mustard Oil for Baby Massage – Is it Good?

Popularly known as “Sarson ka tel”, mustard oil is one of the commonly used cooking oil in India.

Mostly popular in North India, Kolkatta and parts of Gujarat, Orissa and Assam, mustard oil add a distinct aroma to the food.

In India, mustard seeds are commonly used in kitchen as spice and condiment. The seeds are pressed and oil is extracted which called as cold-pressed mustard oil.

Though it is being used since ancient time for cooking, when it comes using it for baby skin, its best not use the mustard oil.

Is mustard oil good for baby massage?Yes, mustard oil is good for baby massage. But if baby has dry skin, eczema or sensitive skin, it is better to avoid it. Mustard oil contains high level of erucic acid & has compounds like capsaicin, sulfur which may irritate the skin of baby,

Also, mustard oil is thick and sticky in nature which may result in clogging the skin pores.

If you decide to massage the baby with mustard oil, make sure to give him a bath with warm water so that oil get washed.

What is Mustard Oil?

Mustard oil a plant based spicy oil which is extracted by pressing mustard seeds .

This oil is banned by  FDA  to use in USA but in India it is readily available. In fact, it is one of the primary cooking oil for several regions of India.

The ban came effective after one animal study found that the constant consumption of mustard oil can lead to fatty degeneration (myocardial lipidosis) [01]

But later on several studies done for use of mustard oil in Indian context found that mustard oil is associated with lowered coronary heart diseases as compared to other edible oils in India. [02]

Also, one double blind study shows that fish oil and mustard oil can provide rapid protective effects in patients with acute heart attack. [03]

Benefits of mustard oil

Though, usually it is better to avoid mustard oil for massaging babies, it does come with other health benefits.

Fight against bacteria – Mustard oil has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which helps to fight against microbes like E. Coli, listeria, staphylococcus and salmonella. [04]

Reduce inflammation – Mustard oil has good amount magnesium and selenium which known to work as anti-inflammatory agents. Hence, mustard oil may work as an anti-inflammatory.

Its inflammation reducing properties help in the patients with arthritis and joint pain.  [05]

Mosquito repellent – Mustard oil is known to keep the mosquito away. To get the desired effect add spoonful of ajwain seed to the mustard oil and mix it thoroughly.

Keep this mixture in the corners of home where mosquito hand out or apply around the baby’s bed.

Bottom line

Mustard oil has proven health benefits and is good for skin and hair care when used in adults.

It can make a good edible oil in India but it should be used for the babies massage only when if your baby does not have sensitive skin or dry skin. Because it contain erucic acid and other compound which may irritate and damage the baby’s skin.

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